Las Vegas Magician John Lewit

Performing Magic for over 35 years


  1. Print out the image below with the animals by right clicking on the picture and selecting (“view image” then” file” then “print”). After printing, you will need to cut out the picture as a square.
  2. Place the paper picture side down and fold the paper diagonally exactly in half.
  3. Open the paper, still picture side down.
  4. Fold the other diagonal exactly in half, then open, picture side still down.
  5. Fold the four corners to the center. Do not open!
  6. Flip the packet over and fold the four new corners to the center. Still do not open!
  7. Fold the packet in half, not diagonally! Open this half, and fold the other way. Now open.
  8. Insert fingers in bottom pockets. Have someone ask a question. Have your helper pick a number that is showing. Open and close pockets the number of times chosen. Have your helper chose a picture showing on the inside. Spell image chosen opening and closing for each letter. Have your helper chose a new picture showing on the inside. Open that flap and read the answer to the question!